gremlin goosebumps

I am fallible. I am human. I drive my husband nuts.


I like the concept of us all running a race (which suggests being competitive) that we will all win at the same time. We are all working toward the same goal, with perseverance and steadfastness, we don’t just plod on like an old cart horse forced to walk around the narrow lanes of the National Park.

We should be like young colts in the fields, running because we can, running because we are able, running because we are called.

The Olympics are coming soon, the top athletes in the world will converge on London. I love athletics, swimming and gymnastics. I watch the performances along with everyone else, commenting on technique or an extra breath, as if we the audience could do better.

But we can, one athlete in each event at the Olympics will achieve a gold medal, three will receive a medal. The rest go home, perhaps pleased with personal bests, national records, dejected at failure, compromised by pain and empty handed.

We who are in the race, who living our lives as if Jesus were coming back today, we will win, and we will all win together.

We should be striving to encourage each other, not with empty compliments that mean nothing but by complementing our sisters and brothers in Christ.

I have given a part of me away in the hope that it will be complemented not complimented. It is scary exposing myself in this way and yet exciting because if what is given exceeds what was there on it’s own then something beautiful will be created. I am a mother hen. I drive my husband nuts.

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