I went to blogger

I asked for random

I got http://www.aithankss.com/

which had as it’s first post [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bE9z4lL1UYU?wmode=transparent]

At this point I messed up

and did a right click open

in new tab on the youtube logo

Note to self:

Always left click on youTube logo

It opens in new tab

I had the number 63378 in my tab

so I pressed enter and

this is what a very bored

in bed

in pain

person gets:


which was from  http://www.universaldesignsinc.com/63378.html

who by line was “never tire of doing things right” a quote from 2 Thessalonians 3:13

on flickr I got


by Arthur Pan

I can buy chemical  1H-1,2-Diazepine, hexahydro-1,2-diphenyl-

which just happens to be diazepam which I would love right now

And the zip code it refers me to is

Treloar Missouri which has no houses for sale, no buildings for sale and no land for sale.

Nearest is Marthasville – Am I feeling Martha today?

I like this address:

17561 Fallen Timber RoadMarthasville, MO 63357

Which has this:


oh it has bathrooms and bedrooms and kitchens in the house but I want this!

stop this randomness

focus on reality

take a pain pill

and chill!

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