What is practice anyway?

An opportunity to hone skills?

Musically – to come together so we are all playing in time, in the same key {with capo}, in harmony.

I don’t see practice, the time we have to practice the songs for Sunday, that takes ten minutes tops, fifteen if we have an awkward one, as practice – but as more so much more than just practice.



we meet for an hour:

we catch up

we build up

we encourage

we share

we giggle

we laugh

we hug

we pray (not enough)

and we practice.


that is how I see what we call practice – it is fellowship, it is meeting, it is sharing.

It is wonderful,

It is God given

It is precious

It is so much more than music

It is joy FULL

It is praise FULL

It is worship FULL

We are grate FULL

We are thank FULL

because in God we are :

beholden, indebted, contented, delighted, amazed, astounded, pleased and satisfied


I couldn’t sing today, it hurt too much to fill my lungs deeply. I missed practice last night.

I am grateful that I was able to listen to music.

I am grateful that my plans have changed

I am grateful that I was {again} reminded not to plan.

and I saw the most amazing water feature on the C/island-Scart road that I would’t have seen if the sun was shining today. It was amazing watch God’s creation reclaim man made structure.

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