I was told once by someone very wise that when you are down in the dumps you should count all the things you are thank full for.

It is wise and I used to do it, starting with basic needs – water, food and shelter all the way up to whatever at that time I was most thank full for which became my children after they were born but before them it was usually friends.

Fast forward to today and I am not in any dump and I realise why we should count them. When you are in that place of desolation you can actually name and count each one because they are so few. There are enough to keep feet on earth but not so many that you can become in anyway blasé about how you are blessed.

Another wise, and this time Christian person, shared with me one time how in the most desolate of times that was when they sang. Singing praise and worship in desperate times puts our suffering into perspective. Because who suffered most? Who suffered for everyone, even you and me? No matter what I go through in this life I will never suffer as an innocent perfect sacrifice like Jesus.

Perspective is brilliant isn’t it!

So here I am, in this place of jocundity (dictionaries at the ready) and the blessings are so many it would take me a month to write them down. I am in a time of abundance and harvest and as I was reminded this week I need to store this glut for when I need to call on it and also so I can scatter it with lashings of love.

Zillions of blessings, wave after wave of them and just when I think they are all accounted for a little lagniappe of blessing is added to the meal that is my life.

There is the beginnings of a shape to all this, a prism in the corner of eye reflecting a spectrum into my mind, it is not going in the direction I expected,

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