love – the great equaliser

I was wandering aimlesly around blogville, dipping into this and that. Not really sure what I was trying to accomplish apart from avoiding stuff. Time for a list:


a shower – I am too cold, the house is too cold and the water is too cold

assignment  – I have completed unit 12 and need to start the homework but I am too cold

black mould – because it is summer, my house gets damp and the black mould multiplies, four rooms and counting

painting – bottom coat is the wrong colour, the strokes are fine, the texture is what I wanted but it is pink – I have tried to think of it as pale purple or purply-whitey-red but it is pink.

moving – because I am so cold and the laptop warm I can’t seem to make the effort to move.

As part of this dipping into other people’s ideas and random thoughts, I came across Platonick’s ode to a long knife. I felt really sorry for this long knife, it was different, it didn’t fit in, it was odd and it was under attack from Mark. We are all unique, yet some of us share commonality: we are male or female, we are adult or child, we are clean (showered) or smelly (unshowered) etc. Where there is a choice or a sliding scale we choose, or the group chooses where to place us: we are old or young, we are thin or fat, we are tall or short, society places us within categories. So I am young if sitting in a day care centre or nursing home but old if sitting in a kindergarten class. I am tall compared to my husband and short compared to my sons.

Sometimes the groups we belong to have been there so long like family, school, employment that we assume our roles naturally. How we behave in new groups, where we are placed and how we are placed depends on who influences the group, whether we as individuals have a say in the dynamics of the group.

If you are a set of short knives with one long knife, that knife is either going to be the protagonist or antagonist of the group – it cannot melt into the background because it stands out, it is different. It is possible that the short knives might run it out of town because of it’s difference. Or they might embrace the difference, look up to the long knife and expect more from it because it is taller.

My family is very shallow, it matters how tall you are, how thin you are, how many wrinkles you have. Why? because my family in the main is tall, thin and wrinkle free. Enter stage left – me – short, dumpy and the beginnings of wrinkles. Not one to lead, I became the scapegoat, the one on whom all was blamed and on whom I accepted the blame. So I am a short knife in the long knife drawer, useful when no other knife is available, but thrust to the back most of the time.

Fast forward to my life – I am who I am. I have weaknesses (hating showers) and strengths (liking study). I have good and bad bits. I am loved. I love. I mess up but I stick around to clean up the mess. I help other people clean up too. I can never achieve the things important to my biological family and I don’t try. I love them. I love the differences in me because the Lord gave them to me for a reason so I could seek out and help those who also see themselves as different.

Although we are all different, we are in God’s eyes equal, equal in love. That love, the awesome, wonderful, beautiful love that surrounds us, that envelops us, that waves down, around and within us. That love is……


2 Corinthians 13:14
May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.

John 16:27
No, the Father himself loveyou because you have loved me and have believed that I came fromGod.

Jude 1:21
Keep yourselves in God’s love as you wait for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ to bring you to eternal life.

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