I am not sure why I am being vague/ forgetful/ spaced out. There are a number of possibilities, my favourite involves an freaky breakthrough on Tuesday, my second favourite would be avoiding the elephant in the room. Other ideas would be, avoiding thinking about vacations, leaving, unresolved tensions and cigarettes.

I lost my purse today, not once, not twice but three times. Thankfully three honest people gave it me back, wonder if this will continue?

I set off on holiday without the cases and more importantly, without Ross. It was only when he didn’t reply (obviously) a mile down the road that I looked at him and discovered he wasn’t there.

I got caught by a friend going a wee bit over the speed limit but couldn’t remember the incident at all when asked about it.

I am freaking out over Tuesday, in a good, wonderful, incredible, scary, bad way. There are windows opening clearing the air, doors flung wide welcoming in new fresh ideas, recogitating old ideas, ruminating on pockets of dust and cobwebs. So maybe I can’t do all that in my mind and remember the milk I mentioned two minutes ago.

Maybe what is going on in my mind is just more important than purses and cases!!!

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