Who is Jesus?

Where do you see Jesus?

In the puncture holes of the addict

In the wounds of the gangraped

In the hands of the soldier

In the mind of the murderer

I see what grace and mercy can change.

Where do you see Jesus?

On the thighs of the streetwalker

On the scars of the cutter

On the fists of the slumlord

On the boots of exterminators

I see what the love of Jesus can change.

Where do you see Jesus?

In the eyes of the frightened

In the mouths of the scared

In the hearts of believers

In the arms of our Lord

I see what Jesus can change

The Lord is with us

Jesus is here, pitching his tent,

Residing in our hearts

Open your heart and let the Lord in

Let him camp with you.

Suzie Gallagher

One thought on “Who is Jesus?

  1. As part of Unit 9 of F&W a poem was to be created about Jesus. I had just been researching the underbelly of a town in England for another piece and it occurred to me that, Jesus is there with the victims, with the perpetrators, waiting to be asked into their lives. There are many people we know, whether part of our families or in our extended network, or that shadow of a person we step over as we go about our lives that need to know about Jesus, that need to have Jesus in their lives. Because only through Him are we set free from the slavery of sin. In the power of the Cross we can all be set free. Our personal Liberator, our personal Saviour, our Lord, our Jesus.

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