take from me Lord

the things that aren’t of you

keep me close only to you

take out the idols of my life


take away from my sight

my thoughts, my lips

the things that block the way

that are of the world and not you


help me resist those things

only you and I know of

be with me as the stories

steal away my soul


the stories of the world

immersed in the culture

that captivate my heart

making me slave once more to sin


help me remember

who you are and who I am in you

the weak one, the broken

help me seek you once more


deep, deep, deep

is your love

deep, deep, deep,

in my heart I know, and,

more of you, Lord,

I thirst for more.

Hungry, thirsty I come,

once more to dwell in your love.

Satisfied, only in you, Lord

I am satisfied by your love.

Filling up, pouring out

desiring to stay with you

help me in my thirsting

draw near in my hunger

as I long for you each day

help me be satisfied in you alone

remind me constantly of who I am in you,

keep me safe when tempters knock at my door

as fears come and overwhelm

in me alone there is nothing

no weapon or tool to dispel

but your love shines in the darkness

and protects me from the gloom.

together {joined forever}

this is dedicated to the person it is about:

I remember when we met

a book thrust into my hands

some time later a phone call

the beginning of a conversation.


nine years later I do remember this:

and all the other times in between

reflecting on how we have both grown

and pruned (severe pruning for me)


amen, a shadow to begin

then needed a year later

a growing respect blossomed

today this is cemented


two years ago you stepped back

allowing training wheels to come off – for a while

but a paradox of emotions from all

meant we were destined to walk

together for a while longer


and yesterday, the prayer, the vision

cast once more upon the water

and today to see you both so hurt

I am so glad I failed last year.


Let us together, go forward

as collaborative dissenters like Peter or Paul

Susanna or John, with aesthetic please

sharing the gospel in spirit and truth.

red blue {turn and repeat}

the soundtrack of my youth was

the vacant puffy lyrics performed

by satin clad blokes and cheese

clothed lasses

occasional protest song broke through

the ones that made you think

’bout education and war

and how unfair it all was


grandad shined my shoes on Sunday

by Monday they were scuffed

Tuesday I had Brownies

and points were took off

I was not smart        enough


grandad’s box was blue

no, it was red silly girl

fairly certain it was blue, I sat on it for goodness sake

Don’t argue with me it was red, it was red.

like the cloud of anger in your head


flowers are red the protest song went on

always always red never any other colour

and I learned as a childthat when she

said red, it had to be red.


but I grew up

and I grew apart

I grew to know Jesus

and got a seat at his table

rainbow flowers fill my world

wwhy would I ever return to red?





this is killing me

this is more than “sorry me”


O’ Lord help me

reach out and touch

O’ Lord in you my rest is found

I trust you, hope is found anew

touch me Lord I need you now

As I struggle

Once more on the floor

foetal sobbing today

I need your touch once more